Vanderbilt faculty requesting MTAs for not-for-profit.

Non-Vanderbilt faculty requesting MTAs.

Automating Material Transfer Agreements

In the spring of 2014, Vanderbilt University launched MTAShare, an automated system for managing and processing Material Transfer Agreements. Watch the short video to the right and click here to see the benefits of this automated system and learn about future phases.

Is MTAShare available to other institutions?

The level of automation of MTAShare scales with the number of users, so more users benefits everyone. Any institution interested in trying out MTAShare can have access to the system - please contact us to request a test account or request a demonstration of the system. Most new users have benefited greatly from a brief demonstration, which we are very happy to give.

Four Types of MTAs processed:

MTAs with Not-for-Profits


Vanderbilt researchers sending materials to an academic or not-for-profit institution are now to use our automated system, MTAShare.

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For now, Vanderbilt researchers receiving materials from an academic or not-for-profit institution should continue to submit the MTA to CTTC via email to:

MTAs with Industry


For-profit companies wanting to receive materials from Vanderbilt should contact CTTC to request a Non-Exclusive Materials License Agreement.

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Vanderbilt researchers receiving materials from a for-profit company should submit the MTA, along with the name of a contact person at the company to CTTC. Such MTAs often have more restrictive terms and conditions and require more careful negotiations.