Technology portfolios

  • Small Molecule Therapeutics & Companion Diagnostics Pipeline 2015

    The Small Molecule Therapeutics & Companion Diagnostics Pipeline is a catalog of more than 60 small molecule therapeutics, 35 biologics and 7 biomarkers currently in Vanderbilt's pipeline. 

  • Biomarker Pipeline 2015

    The Biomarker Pipeline lists seven tissue based or nucleic acid based potential companion diagnostics currently in development at Vanderbilt.  

  • Biologics Pipeline 2015

    The Biologics Pipeline is a catalog of 35 Vaccines, Human Antibodies, Murine Antibodies and Peptides currently in Vanderbilt's Biologics pipeline.  

  • Research Tools Catalog

    The Research Tools Catalog is a listing of research tools developed at Vanderbilt and currently available for licensing. The catalog includes animal models, peptides and proteins, antibodies, cell lines, buffers and solutions, plasmids, and more.

  • Medical Device Pipeline

    The Medical Device Pipeline highlights medical device technologies currently in the pipeline for commercialization at Vanderbilt University. These range from robotic prosthetics to image-guided surgery, biomedical phototonics, to surgical tools. 


  • Green Technologies

    A collection of Vanderbilt research that explores renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environmentally beneficial technology. Some of these technologies are in early R&D phases while others have entered prototype validation. All have the common goal of environmental preservation and efficient generation and use of energy.


  • Infant Health Technologies

    A collection of current Vanderbilt technologies that focus on infant health. They include technologies that offer a range of answers, from diagnostics to safety.